First Time Snowboarding Tips – Simple And Easy

Getting started into snowboarding but don’t know where to start. Either because you want to give it a try or just agreed to go on a holiday trips with your friends but having trouble thinking of necessary items you may need. Here, I am going to walk you through first time snowboarding tips so that you can enjoy your snowboarding experience you won’t forget in your life.


Watch Lots Of YouTube Tutorial

Internet is a limitless space where people anywhere in the world have access to pretty much infinite amount of information. Thanks to the pioneers of the 21st Century, browsing the Internet has never been easier than before and here come the YouTube.

Video has become an integral part of Internet users online and no sites host more videos than YouTube. You will find many YouTube tutorials for beginners to Snowboarding. Or maybe you want to increase your skills but don’t have that much money to pay off an instructor.

You can just browse the YouTube once again cause there are so many awesome snowboarders out there who is eager to share their skills and tricks to you. This means that you get the leverage to learn about snowboarding exclusively from Pro-Snowboarders without having to pay off a cent!


Wear Appropriate Clothes And Equipment 

proper snowboard equipments



Believe me you don’t want to wear only a pair of trouser and hoodies to do the snowboard. The weather uphills on the mountain can be pretty extreme ( I mean a lot colder ) than you would expect. You can’t only rely on weather forecast to determine the degree and so on because weather especially at the sea and on the mountains and of course we’re going to highlight on the mountain as our topic here because these 2 types of places have the most ever-changing weather.

What do you need to prepare on this?

First, you need to wear thermal base layer at the top and bottom half. You also want to wear impact short with you. Just as the name suggested it will provide you an extra cushioning under your butt. You already know this but let me emphasize it again, the terms ”snowboarding beginners” is equal to falling over and over again on your butt.

That’s why think over again cause you don’t want to experience sting on your butt until you cannot wake up from your bed next morning.

You also might want to equip yourselves with wrist guard. Yes it might form a bit bulge on your hand and totally uncool but it is definitely something that essential in your practice. As I said before, you will fall a lot, more than you expected it would be and one of the most common injury that can happened to snowboarders is broken wrist. It’s not only something that can happened to beginners, even someone expert at snowboarding can’t escape this kind of injury if they don’t wear wrist guard with them.

Therefore, please wear wrist guard properly and the best way to do this is by wearing your smitten underneath fits snugly to ensure maximum comfort.


Don’t Skip Warm up

Have you ever joined a gym class in school and your gym teacher urge you to warm up properly before start playing, or you joined any sports’ competition and your manager insists you to warm up yourselves. It’s not necessarily only before competition. It can be during training with your teams or you’re just going to jog around.

Or even the football games that you see in the TV, they are already have a fit body but still doing the warm up before entering the field to increase their performance and focus in the games and so do snowboarding.

Do you know what is the best things in snowboarding, you get to escape into natures from the usual hectic everyday life and enjoy the view from the top of the mountains by snowboarding. And do you what is the most suck things in snowboarding, you get injuries which can affect your daily life at which you can prevent it from happened by just spending 7 to 10 minutes before you get down to it. And this is especially true for those who regularly exercise.

In essence, by doing warm up, you can get your body in a top condition, which then can significantly improve your overall performance and exercise tolerance.

Here are few benefits that you WILL get by doing warm up.

  • Help you elevate your heart rate slowly from the beginning
  • Increase your blood flow
  • Speed up the contraction of muscles
  • Allow yourself prepared mentally
  • Improve flexibility and agility – which is the two main component of snowboarding.

And there’re many others but I’m going to explain it in details next time. The best time to do this is when your muscle is warm and relaxed state, that is to say before you start your snowboarding. Just be sure don’t skip them and take my words for it.


Accustomed Yourself With New Terms

If you are new to snowboarding world, there are some new terms that you might have heard it somewhere but don’t really know the meanings of that particular words. As we already know, snowboard is a one directional sports’, means that you traverse in one direction looking over your left shoulder ( or maybe right shoulder ) by having your legs fixed on the snowboard.

When you went to any snowboard store to buy or rent snowboard, they will ask you whether you are goofy or regular footed. So what are you going to do if you don’t know the meaning. Actually it’s not a problem at all if you don’t understand it seiing you are a beginners and that’s why I’m here to let your snowboarding experience went much smoother.

  1. Goofy or Regular. To put it simply, regular footed is when you put your left foot in front and your right foot at the back while goofy footed is when you place your right foot at the front and your left foot at the back. You can determine whether you are goofy of regular footed by having your friend push your back ( until you feel like you are going to fall down ), when you placed your left foot in front, you are regular footed and if you placed your right foot in front, then you are goofy footed.
  2. Tail and Nose. This one is pretty easy as you can know the meaning directly if you know on what things do they put this terms with. You got it, the answer is your indispensable snowboard. A quick recap, if you’re a regular footed, your left side will be your nose and right side will be your tail. And if you’re a goofy footed, then it’s only going to be opposite of that. Simple as that isn’t it?


Have Fun

This first time snowboarding tips should help you increase your enjoyment in doing snowboard. Remember this words, the best snowboarder is not someone who can do a back flip or anything you define as crazy skills out there, but the best snowboarder is the one who having the most fun doing snowboarding.

As far as I’m concerned, anyone that choose to practice snowboarding should be able to become an amazing snowboarder. Perfect preparation leads to perfection and by implementing the tips that I have laid out above, you are going to be setting yourself up for a nerve-wrecking snowboarding experience. Bombs away!





4 thoughts on “First Time Snowboarding Tips – Simple And Easy”

  1. My work mate is going up the mountain to snowboard this winter time, although it’s a long way away considering I’m in New Zealand and our winter time doesn’t start till March, this gives me time to buy some new gear and keep these simple tips in mind. And I’m definitely a goofy foot lol

  2. I tried snowboarding…once. Nothing prepares you for having both feet stuck on that board especially if you are used to the freedom of skis. It did not end well and I gave up.

    What do you think a person can do to get themselves ready for that experience? I just could not coordinate my feet, no matter what I did and I feel like it was a waste of time and money.

    1. It might be a bit challenging if you are already used to the freedom of skis. Nevertheless you can get yourselves ready by working your balance as well as core and leg muscles.
      I have write a new post on this subject and hopefully it will help you ready for that experience!


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