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Whenever snow falls, it is the prime conditions atop the mountains. What it means is that all kind of snow related games will come soon. Pro athletes are eager to try out a new trick that they have come up during 8 months without any snowboarding or the novice who want to give it a try at this.

No matter what, we need to clear of something, that is snowboarding is a highly physical sport that requires a lot of endurance as well as strong core and leg muscles.

Therefore, staying in shape throughout the years will help reduce your chance of getting injuries and decrease any fatigue. Today, I am going to walk you through some snowboarding exercises that can help prepared you body for the upcoming snowboarding season.

I will break down this exercise into 2 type of exercise. The first one is work out you lower body. The second one is strengthening your upper body.

Lower Body

In snowboard, legs are you workhouse. I’m going to tell the truth here, the more weak your body, ( legs particularly ) the harder it will be for you to do snowboarding. Because most snowboarding activities use legs as the core of the sports.

That’s why a good leg workout is essential for snowboarders to keep their in the top conditions for nice groomed runs of that deep powder.

Here are a few leg exercises that to set your legs nice and powerful.



Squat focuses on strengthening the hamstrings, quads, hip and butt. It can also challenge your body balance, that is the ability to keep your body balance despite being on an uneven snow on the mountain.

Moreover, when snowboarding, you will spend a lot of time in squat position especially during heels sliding and heels turns.

It’s not exaggerating to say that the stronger your squat, the longer times you will be able to spend snowboarding as this is possible because the stronger your leg muscles, ( which squat covers almost all of it ) the longer you will last.

Start by stand with feet shoulder width apart, toes facing forward. Keep hands on your thigh, gaze up towards the sky lifting the chest upwards. As you bend your knees, keep weight through the heels. Sit back slowly as if you are sitting in a chair while your head and chest upright. Slide down your hand on your thigh and end it where your elbow meet your knees.

Stay in that positions for about 5 seconds before you press through your heels as you come up nice and tall straighten out the hips. 3 sets of 10 reps is good number to start as you can increase it with times.

Remember to keep your core and lower back tight as you go down and your knees track directly over your toes, not inward.



They are one of the most effective lower body exercises

Lunge is an essential component of training for snowboarding and focuses on the same muscles as the squat, with an increased focus on inner thighs, glutes and balance.

For beginners, you will often use some basic movements on how to skate using snowboard and how to walk uphills at which both situation will need you to strap one of you leg to do that.

That’s why lunges is the best to exercise that particular muscles on your legs because the stronger the muscles are around our knees ( which is what the lunges help ) the better.

Start doing lunges by standing up straight with your hands at your side while keeping your legs shoulder width apart. Take a big step forward with right leg, lowering your body until both knees bent at a 90-degree angles. Don’t forget to keep your back straight and chin up. During this position, make sure the front knee is directly above the ankle and not pushed out to far.

As you push yourselves back up from you leg in front, always focus on pushing through you your heel and not through you toe. Another really good things to do is just consistently keeps your abs pulled in really tight because that’s going to help build you core muscles which will ensure you’re keeping good upper body posture.


Upper Body

Even though I said upper body, our focus are more into the strength of our core and triceps which will be useful in snowboard.

Here are a few exercises to help you set your core and triceps in optimum state before going down the slopes.


I believed that everyone have done at least once push-up before or are still continuing to do this. Nevertheless, you are great! Push-up is indeed a classic work out but it is also the most effective way to strengthen you upper body.

In term of snowboarding, they can help prepare your body to withstand the impact when you fall down on the snow ( if you’re lucky ) or on the hard snow. If you have a strong upper body, you can reduce the possibility of injuries more greatly and continue your ride.

Many people are performing basic push-up incorrectly. This can limit your results and possibly lead to injury instead. In push up, you are using your triceps, shoulders, back and your chest.

First, come on down to your chest and stomach making sure that you are flat on the floor. Brings your hands even with your chest just below the shoulders. A common mistake that people will do is bring their hands up too high above their shoulders or too low and you want to avoid this.

From here, push through the heels of you hands, press-up bringing the torso, chest and thighs of the ground as one unit nice and parallel to the grounds. Keep your abs tight squeezing those abdominal so that the hip will not drag down. Then, slowly come back down to the ground bringing your chest, stomach and thighs to the floor.

If that is to challenging especially for those who rarely exercise, don’t worry because you can modify them by using your knees instead of toes to make it easier.

Doing 3 sets of 10 reps is a good way to start.

>Triceps Dips

For those who are new to snowboarding out there I have explained this earlier in my First Time Snowboarding Tips post that beginner snowboarder is equal to fall a lot. Lot more than you can expect. I have experienced this myself during one of my snowboarding trips with my friends. I fall on the powder and only managed to get out after 30 minutes reaching upwards feeling fatigue all over myself not because of snowboarding but because I want to get up from falling.

That’s why I’m putting this exercise as you will constantly using your triceps muscles to push you back to you feet. Strengthening your triceps will make it easier to get up and get going.

If you didn’t have the time to go to gym, you can use pretty much anything available at home that was level and flat and strong enough to support your weight and I recommend using a chair.

So all you are going to do is turn your back to the chair. You can either have your hands on the front or have them on the side of the chair and it’s up to you which one you feel comfortable the most.

For those who are new to this start by bending your knees and all you are going to do is just simply pull your body weight down and pull it back up. As you do this, you want to let you body as close as possible to the chair without touching it.

If you find that it was too easy to do, you can kick up a notch by putting your legs a bit further in front and do the same thing, down and up.


Get Moving!

These 4 types of exercises should cover up all your muscles used in snowboard simultaneously help improve your game. Again if you can strengthen your muscles and cores, you are going to be of much more at ease doing snowboarding whether you are new to this sport or have some experienced doing it before.

However, there is one point that you need to remember, these are only recommended workouts. So, ALWAYS listen to you body and don’t over-exerts yourself as it will bring an opposite effects to you body.

All in all start practicing TODAY to prepare yourselves for that amazing play!




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